Rooted in Singapore and Paris, SIXQ  is an investment management and technology company. Conceived in 2020, SIXQ actively seeks out alternative investments and systematically invests in financial, digital and human capital.

Our privately funded trading arm is dedicated to translating hidden patterns into algorithms, in order to achieve exceptional risk-adjusted returns in global markets.

Our Philosophy

The Q in SIXQ stands for quarks. These are fundamental constituents of all matter. Playing on the metaphor, our collaborative environment extends a human-centric focus on all facets of our project undertakings. We believe that humans are the raison d'être of all technological advancements.

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the alternative revolution

The alternative (alt) revolution has begun. Top internet search suggestions of the ubiquitous question “what is alternative…” conjure up our collective knee-jerk reactions to the notion: alternative music, alternative medicine, alternative energy. Ironically, these suggestions betray our conventional conceptualisation of alternatives as things or activities that deviate from or challenge…
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