The alternative (alt) revolution has begun.

Top internet search suggestions of the ubiquitous question “what is alternative…” conjure up our collective knee-jerk reactions to the notion: alternative music, alternative medicine, alternative energy.

Ironically, these suggestions betray our conventional conceptualisation of alternatives as things or activities that deviate from or challenge conventional norms. We listen to either radio-friendly Taylor Swift or the distinctively indie grooves of The Unlikely Candidates. We choose either Xanax or St. John’s Warts to be our psychological comfort blanket. We crash-test cars that waste either petrol or electricity.

As modern technology gives birth to more and more alternatives or possibilities, our stable of choices increases manifold. To harness these choices effectively, we should ask ourselves: would the dichotomous either…or decision-making model or a more synergistic and…and framework help us manage the issue or solve the problem?

Alternative, is a mindset.

Riding the trending waves in the ocean of alt data requires a certain discernment in knowing how to think outside the box, when to think inside the box, or whether there is even a box to begin with. How do we do this? By encouraging objective curiosity and open-minded exploration of the problems that besiege humanity.

The world is more 50 shades of grey than black and white.